TecnoTools & TecnoVidri

Brand Identity

Logo C14.07.09
tecnovidri logo


In 2018 odco. engaged with TechnoTools and TechnoVidri, Latin American sister companies in neighboring countries. The businesses, family owned distributors of specialized equipment and machinery for body shops and industrial manufacturers, were looking for complete rebranding to achieve their goals. The no frills logos represent the down to earth family brands really well and greatly appeal to the companies’ customer base. 


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Both TechnoTools and TechnoVidri wanted to stay with the original pale yellow/dark grey color scheme. During the creative process, the colors were transformed to brilliantly vibrant yellow and exceptional rich grey, creating a very high contrast masculine color scheme, familiar and appealing to the brands’ customers.  

Setting the Scene

Potential use case scenarios were provided to the client to put the colors and the overall look into perspective.

Website Design

odco tecnovidri website mobile mock 3

The redesigned website provides a great user experience and responsive interface, and promotes consistent brand identity in every element. 

Additional Options

During the creative process of logo design, we come up with a minimum of three options for our customers to select from. You are looking at the additional logo options that were created for this project.