Digital Consulting

For every digital challenge there is a solution.

Digital Consulting

Consolidating & automating your communication channels, streamlining online attendee registration and payment processing, selecting a webinar platform, recording, live-streaming & publishing – we guide you every step of the way and provide real solutions. 

We bring you the digital expertise needed to navigate through products and tools available on the market and help you be successful in your online endeavors. 

Use Case

Jess owns a yoga studio. She and her team of instructors offer in-studio and remote classes, as well as nutritional guidance and guided meditation group trips. Since the adoption of online instruction and increase in the membership numbers seeking their services, Jess and her fellow yoga instructors spend more time managing various communication channels (emails, WhatsApp chats, Facebook messenger and groups) and sending out online classes invites than teaching yoga. The clients are becoming affected by the disorganization and the instructors really want to focus on what they love doing. Jess is sure there is a better way and decides to ask for help. 

odco. designs an elegant solution – a mobile friendly website & hybrid app that seamlessly integrates all tools necessary to manage and sell membership services, streamline communication, live stream or upload recorded classes, create & maintain community forums, expire content after a certain period of time, and more. Once the solution is implemented, odco. trains the team on how to use the tool and add or update content. It is very easy now that everything is on one unified platform. Even better, the cost is just a fraction of the native app development’ cost. Jess and her team can go back to doing what they love and let the technology take care of the administrative chores.